We will support the emotional and physical well-being of all students by affirming students’ sense of identity and belonging.

We believe...

Students learn best in safe, secure, and stable environments. Beyond helping learners to achieve high academic growth and success, we foster environments, districtwide, that promote healthy social-emotional and physical well-being.

To ensure…

All students feel safe physically, socially, and emotionally in all of our learning environments.

We commit to...

  • Infuse Social Emotional Learning into curriculum and instruction to support students in understanding and managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, feeling and showing empathy for others, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions.

  • Educate the entire community – students, families, staff, and community-based organizations – in understanding, creating, and reinforcing Positive Behavior and Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and culturally-responsive behavior expectations.

  • Strengthen positive relationships to foster intellectually safe environments for students to learn and thrive.
  • Assess and improve the physical security of all our district facilities.
  • Provide equitable access to school and community-based mental health supports