We will provide engaging and culturally responsive instruction that addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of individual students.

We believe...

Every child deserves an excellent education. Each and every child has the potential to learn and grow to high standards.

To ensure…

Each student experiences continuous growth in all subject areas. Students who are a grade level or more behind will experience accelerated growth each year until they reach or exceed grade level standards. Students who are already achieving at grade level or above, will continue to make measurable growth each year.

We commit to...

  • Expand systems and supports – at the district, school, and classroom levels -- to ensure each and every student is achieving academically and socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

  • Utilize data to evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of instructional practices to support and accelerate learning.

  • Transform student engagement and performance in math and reading by increasing teachers’ and leaders’ understanding and knowledge of content standards to provide high-quality instruction.
  • Strengthen dual language programs and world language courses to honor students’ own culture, other cultures, and build connections in our global community.
  • Provide multiple career and technical pathways that ensure flexible and relevant learning experiences that keep students engaged in their courses while providing a real-world, career-oriented curriculum.
  • Offer an integrated Computer Science curriculum for each and every student that applies computational thinking, programming, and physical computing to analyze new problems, build predictive models, and create innovative solutions
  • Implement culturally-responsive and linguistically-appropriate assessments and tools to measure and monitor student growth and progress.