About the Plan

The voices of a wide range of stakeholders shaped both the strategic planning process as well as the plan itself.

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Listen and Learn

In July 2017, then Superintendent, Dr. Duran, began his tenure as superintendent of the Bellevue School District and conducted a “Listen and Learn” tour. Interviews with individuals and groups revealed the district’s many strengths and achievements, as well as opportunities for improvement in the future. These insights shaped the planning and laid the foundation for the Strategic Plan.

District staff and the Bellevue School Board of Directors hosted multiple community forums. The Bellevue Education Association (BEA), community agencies, and district working committees were key partners in this work. The sources of information reviewed included: the dual language program review; student climate survey results; family feedback survey results; and student demographic and achievement data.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was made up of 23 members, representing a diverse set of interests across the community. Parents, educators, staff, and administrators met five times over the course of four months to review collected data and develop the Theory of Action and Priorities for the Strategic Plan. The broad range of voices represented on the Steering Committee ensured that the plan captures the diverse viewpoints that make the Bellevue School District an exceptional place to learn and thrive.


  • Parent from Parent Alliance of Black Scholars (PABS)

  • Parent from Latino Parent Group (NISO)

  • Parent of a student receiving Special Education services

  • Parent of a student receiving Advanced Learning services

  • Parent from the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Educators *

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals

  • School Classified Staff

  • Superintendent

  • Chief of Staff

  • Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction

  • Executive Director, Schools

  • Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

  • Director of Equity

  • Executive Director, Special Education

  • Executive Director, Student Services

  • School Board President

* Educators were selected by the Bellevue Education Association


Over the course of a year, the voices of thousands of stakeholders were heard via community meetings and public surveys. Their perspectives inspired the Board of Directors to refresh the district’s vision, mission, and values.

March–April 2018: Over 35 focus groups and 150 interviews were conducted with students, parents, teachers, school staff, building leaders, central office staff, district leaders, and Board Directors, capturing the district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

May 2018: Over 4,600 community members responded to a survey soliciting community input on potential district priorities for the next five years.

June–July 2018: An initial draft of the Strategic Plan was created, incorporating input received from students, staff, community, and the Board and including a Theory of Action and district priorities.

August 2018: Bellevue School Board of Directors, district leadership, and school building leaders reviewed the draft Strategic Plan and provided input.

September 2018: The district hosted a series of information sessions that solicit community feedback for further discussion and refinement.

October 2018: The Bellevue School District Board of Directors unanimously adopted the Strategic Plan on October 16, 2018.